PROBLEM SOLVED: Tailoring support packages that meet your needs.


We offer a range of services to suit your needs, including but not limited to:

  • Producing or developing your company Health & Safety policy and procedures.
  • Producing or reviewing your Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Fire & Emergency Procedures, site induction pack and similar safety documentation.
  • Undertaking safety inspections on your premises, your workforce or of subcontractors undertaking work on your behalf.
  • Auditing your Health & Safety systems, or those of contractors providing (for example) catering or cleaning services on your company premises.

Don't hesitate to get in-touch to discuss how we can help your business.

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Does your project fall under the Construction Design and Management Regulations (C.D.M)? If you're not sure, then get in touch and we'll give you a definitive answer

If it does, then we're perfectly placed with the experience to help you through the mine-field of these important Regulations, which are central to controlling Health & Safety in all-but-the-smallest project involving construction, demolition or installation work. Get in-touch to find out more.